Saturday, February 4, 2012

my verdict.

I am not going to start a business.

Of course, parts of my experiment with Lydia's Bakery were completely thrilling.  I loved pushing myself to come up with new flavor combinations and techniques to polish my skills.  I loved the name that I finally came up with - "The Sugar Bin."  I was encouraged constantly by my supportive family and friends who asked "so when are you opening that bakery?" every time they sampled my creations.

On the other hand, I learned something essential about myself and my baking.  And that is, I have to keep money out of things.  The pressure of selling quenched my inspiration.  Once business came into play, I was no longer rushing to the kitchen in every free moment just to try out a new recipe, but instead felt compelled to save my baking energy for when it really mattered; i.e., when I had to produce something worthy to sell.

So I counted the costs.  Option A involved working long and hard to open a business, advertise, create a menu, perfect my recipes.  Option A was the glittery, glamorous one.  (Hi, I'm Lydia.  I own a bakery.  Here's my card; come drop by the Sugar Bin sometime.)  But on the most basic level it meant that I would need to become okay with charging other people, including my family and friends, for something that I loved giving away for free.

Option B was not to start a business.  To miss out on the glitter and glamour, yet to preserve and cultivate my hours in the kitchen for the purpose of artistic inspiration and soothing joy instead of cold commerce.  I would not have to work 40 hours per week at the office and then plug through a business plan or balance tables when I got home.  Instead, I could do something I love and bring joy to myself and to others without the taint of dollars and cents.

I still want a bakery.  But I have chosen Option B because in five years I envision myself with a warm home filled with family and friends and freshly baked brownies.  Actually, I already have a bakery.  But not for buying and selling.  Just for the sole purpose of heart-warming.

Now that my decision has been made, my inspiration has thrived.  This morning I woke up with the strong urge to make chocolate peanut butter whoopie pies, which recipe I created in my head as I snuggled in my warm bed.  And can't wait for the right chance to make these petit fours.   I am back!  Here are some recent  creations to show for it:

Please don't be disappointed that I am not living up to my potential for success by not opening a bakery.  Instead, come have coffee with me.  I'll make cupcakes.  Or tarts.  Or beignets.  Or a cake.  Or your special order.