Friday, January 3, 2014

goals for 2014.

I am so happy to start a new year.  2013 was difficult for me in many ways, but there is a fresh new start, full of hope and potential.  I do not at all like the concept of new years resolutions; to me, that word is just asking to be broken.  However, I have set 12 goals for 2014 to provide some direction and purpose for the upcoming year:

1. Perform a piece on the flute

2. Have a slumber party with girls from YP Austin
3. Buy a crock pot and food processor
4. Take a fun vacation
5. Read 6 NY Times bestsellers
6. Take a roadtrip to visit a friend
7. Pay off credit card debt
8. Finish & frame my needlework project
9. Go apple-picking in the fall
10. Care for my spirit, soul, and body
11. Have a tea party
12. Babysit for friends

Aren't those exciting goals?  Mothers, text me and prepare for date nights.  Friends, prepare to have tea and treats and slow cooked pot roast.  Happy 2014.

orange raspberry torte.

The sophisticated E. Lee sponsored this orange raspberry birthday cake a year or two ago for his third birthday, and I am finally sharing it!  He has exceptionally good taste.