Tuesday, May 10, 2011

beautiful. (no matter what they say).

Today at the gym, a guy walked up to the station where I was working out and said "Can I tell you something without you misunderstanding?"

He was probably late 20's; I guessed from his accent and face that he was Middle-Eastern.  He was a little short, but had nice features.

I instantly and instinctively put up an icy cold barrier.  Distrust and skepticism must have been written all over my face.  "Uh, maybe?"  Watch it, dude. I have a glare of death and killer-sharp instincts and I'm not afraid to use them.

"Ok, well.  I just wanted to tell you you are so beautiful."

"Thank you..." What is it that you want?!

"And I suppose you have a boyfriend, and he is so lucky."

Ice melted slightly.  No way I'm telling you I don't have a boyfriend. "Thank you."

And he walked away.  What? He just wanted to tell me I'm beautiful?  I waited until he was a safe distance away and allowed myself a tiny smile.

Immediately, however, my defense-mechanism sprang into action.  There were a dozen reasons why he could have done what he did.  Some of the most absurd were:
It was a dare.
He was distracting me so his friends could steal my stuff.
He's a stalker.
He was distracting me so his friends could steal my roommate's stuff.
His ugly friend asked him to talk to me for him.
It was definitely a dare.
He has a contorted mission in life to tell ugly/overweight girls they are beautiful.

I kept waiting for my pessimism to be proven absolutely firm and then I would go home hurt and hardened.  Mostly, I looked around at all the girls that were prettier and skinnier than I was.  Why me?? Surely this guy's motive was skewed.  Surely it was a loaded interaction.

Yet, I'm safely home.  My roommate and I both still have our stuff.  No ugly guys smiled at me on my way out.  And I feel more beautiful.  I am so thankful to that stranger for the much-needed reminder.


  1. 1. so glad our stuff didn't get taken.
    2. OF COURSE you're beautiful!
    3. please don't ever forget that squids

  2. WOW ... i've been in that situation where you're like "ok, what do they want" or "is this a joke?" ... but girl, that boy was right: you ARE beautiful inside and out ! miss you :P

    ~Desiree (formerly from SoCal, now in San Fran)

  3. Lydia,

    Just found your blog. Greatly enjoyed today's post. It made me miss you. . . a lot. Write more, cook more, blog more. If only so I can "see" you more.

    Love you,
    Hannah Zinn

    ps. all extra kitchen creations in need of a good home are always welcome at my house. Your food looks delicious.

  4. awesome! good thing you went to the gym ;)
    and I laughed out loud about his friend wanting to steal your stuff.
    wish I had been there with you and TK.
    you ARE beautiful.

  5. love this post! And, Lydia is beautiful! :)

  6. i love that it happened at the gym- when you are totally NOT expecting it...

    and that CUTE photo should be your new profile pic :)

  7. lyds!!!!

    i love you.
    you ARE truly beautiful.
    i love the honesty in your blog.

    remember our work-out appts in gregory gym back in the day??

    missing you.
    and so happy to have found you here.

  8. that's right girlfriend. . .beautiful no matter what they say! The picture of you in this post is fantabulous!

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