Monday, August 8, 2011

next chapter.

August, as defined by Google, means "respected and impressive", synonymous with "stately; grand; majestic."

For me, this August has yet again demanded its due honor by bringing with it a new and fresh chapter of my life.  Honestly, I thought I'd grow out of it when I stopped going to school and got a real job.  I expected my new beginnings to start on January 1st like they are supposed to, or in June when I turn another year older.  But no; those days have come and gone - with festivity, no doubt, but yet without the feeling of a particularly fresh start.

This August, I will be leaving behind my old house, old neighbors, and old rats (that earlier this evening sounded like they were playing soccer with debris in the attic...eccchh), and moving into a new house, with new roommate, new kitchen, new room, new dog.  In my relationships -- some close friends have moved to new stages of their lives, causing me spontaneously to reshape my own routines.  And even though my job will be the same and my day-to-day activities will likely remain the same, they too will have fresh beginnings this August.

The sweetest part is that a fresh consecration to the Lord Jesus has come up in my being.  I have a new start, not just for the sake of life not growing dull, but I have been given a new period of my life to serve Him and love Him with a fresh love.  This simple children's song expresses what is on my heart tonight:
"I love Jesus, I love Jesus, Lord I just love You.
I love Jesus, Oh Lord Jesus, what else can I do?
I'll love You my whole life through, and even though I may be small,
Lord I love You best of all."

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  1. Here is to a fresh, new beginning! Thank you Lord.