Wednesday, October 6, 2010

sharing my hope.

It was another hard day at the office.

Although... I did have a fabulous lunch in which I got to retreat to a pleasantly abandoned corner of a Starbucks, and drink coffee and unwind for 45 minutes.  My brief selah from the outside world made me feel fabulous enough that my commonly dreary walk back to work turned into a spunky strut down sunny Congress Avenue, coffee in hand, with my heels clicking and earrings dingling.  It was one of those rare moments where just the sunshine and air make you feel like you're on the top of the world.

But then... it was another hard day at the office.  So, after I left work 45 minutes late and forced myself to point my car in the direction of the prayer meeting, I felt like I had been squished and desperately needed some hope and a deep tissue massage.  On my way to search for food in downtown traffic, I tried to let go of the tension while complaining to the Lord about life.  When I finally got to the drive-through at Taco Cabana, a voice that perhaps on an easier day I would have ignored said -- "You are going through a hard period in your life right now, but you have Me as an unfading hope even if everything else is crumbling.  Why don't you share this hope with this person who is serving you dinner?"  So before I drove away, I handed the guy a tract about the Lord and explained why I was giving it to him. The instant I drove away, tears of release and joy came to my eyes.  No matter what, I have an unfading hope in my life.

However, I still very badly need a deep tissue massage.

[tkung, iphone photographer]


  1. glorious hope! ...sorry you had a bad day

    (I hate to be the only one commenting, but we have to start somewhere, right?)

  2. Lydia, Lydia. I love you very much. I'm happy you said amen to the still small voice. :) -Becca