Tuesday, October 19, 2010

victory dances

When I ruthlessly conquer technology... I do victory dances in my office.  Today, for example, I printed out an address label... without a single hitch/reprint/typo/printer jam/user error.  It's a seemingly small victory, but it was enough to make me smile and bounce up and down in my chair.  I have mastered basic administrative tasks.

Yesterday, I nearly successfully made a delicious, healthy, fat-free muffin.  They were indeed healthy and indeed delicious but the fat-freeness got compromised when I added a cup of chopped pecans for my nut-loving roommate:

No, it's not mouth-watering in appearance.  But let me tell you what this is:  a pumpkin-spice-applesauce-bran muffin with pecans.  Fantastic.  Healthy.  Victory dance worthy.

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